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For every movie that is critically or commercially successful there are often times those movies that are left out of the public’s viewing. For every Avatar or The

Blood, and depravity are themes that’ve shown up in our artwork for thousands of years. The thrill of watching gladiators torn apart in battle was once a

Japanese game shows are known for their off-the-wall bizarre game shows, which often put contestants in incredibly embarrassing and sometimes even downrigh

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A grindhouse is an American term for a theater that mainly shows exploitation films. According to historian David Church, this theater type was named after the “grind

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The History of Sex in Cinema: 1982 Academy Awards Nominees. There were an astonishing number of cross-dressing, gender-reversed, transvestite performances and

History of Sex in Cinema: The Greatest and Most Influential Sexual Films and Scenes (Illustrated) 1972

Mark Seal talks to producers, the director, and the cast about how a 1993 indie went on to Oscars, best-of-all-time accolades, and $200 million at the box office.

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An exploitation film is a film that attempts to succeed financially by exploiting current trends, niche genres, or lurid content. Exploitation films are generally low

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