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Nomad Capitalist helps entrepreneurs legally pay less in taxes, build a freedom lifestyle, and create wealth all while living anywhere in the world.

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Frequent periodical covering current events in economics and politics.

On this page we will compare Socialism, Capitalism and Communism. First let us define the terms. Socialism: Socialism is a concept that individuals should not have

Define capitalism: a way of organizing an economy so that the things that are used to make and transport products (such as … — capitalism in a sentence

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An alternative perspective on how Wall Street, the monetary system and the economy works.

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How rare is gold? This set of 3D visualizations show the world’s gold in bullion bars.

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World’s Most Influential Finance and Economics Blog with Trenchant Commentary, Tenacious Investigation and Insider Political/Regulatory Analysis.

As I am preparing my income taxes, I am reminded yet again of the trap that the Canada Revenue Agency has set for taxpayers in the T1 General form with this

After switching to Questrade to take advantage of ultra-low commissions, I run into customer service problems in trying to rectify an error on their part.

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There are multiple factors that determine how oil prices fluctuate, and many of them are interconnected. Learn about them all in this infographic.

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