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How to Find Patents. If you are an inventor, part of the task of getting a new invention to market involves making sure that the patent to your invention, or

The Secret Patents for the Atomic Bomb. During World War II, one of the many ways the United States attempted to plan for postwar control of atomic energy was to

Names in the drop-box listings are limited to recipients of the Grant (Grantees); names are not cross-referenced. To expand the search, we

Faced with skyrocketing costs for developing new drugs, researchers are looking at ways to repurpose older ones — and even some that failed in initial trials.

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Free semantic search for patents and prior art. Apply state-of-the-art university research to discover comprehensive list of relevant patents. Bulk pdf generation

The Golf Industry’s Source for Patent and Intellectual Property News – Brought to You by David Dawsey, PE, Esq – Golf Patent Attorney and Golf Fanatic

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the unique number assigned to a patent application when it is filed. The application number includes a two digit series code and a six digit serial number

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Reed Tech and the USPTO have entered into an agreement to make the following USPTO products available to the public at no charge: Patents (grants, published

What is a patent? © Copyright 1993 to the present year, Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC. Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. Click for information on the purpose of

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Ford engineer Victoria Schein has some great advice for teens.F

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